Bellow you will find an example list of items that we accept and our rates for each separate category:
  • Clean, wearable gents, ladies and children clothing- 50 pence a kilo
  • Shirts, T-shirts and polo shirts, shorts, skirts
  • Blouses, tops and dresses, trousers, and jeans
  • Paired shoes and boots (boots, sandals, slippers, trainers)
  • Bags, belts, hats, ties, gloves, and scarves
  • Accessories (sunglasses, hair bands, umbrellas, baseball caps, wallets, purses, and watches)
  • Jumpsuits, leisurewear and knitwear, jackets, coats, jumpers, and cardigans
  • Bric-a-Brac- 20 pence a kilo
  • Candlesticks, jewelry, and souvenirs
  • Small and working electrical items and small plastic toys

Please note that we will not accept the following:

Bad-quality, wet, ripped items, items with visible wear
Unpaired shoes, ANY socks or underwear, tights.
School uniforms, working clothes, traditional clothing.
Duvets, pillows, curtains, carpets, bedding.
Books, CDs, DVDs, audio and video tapes, puzzles, and board games.

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