14/03/2022 - Due to events in Ukraine, we were forced to close.
Please consider donating to any charities in Ukraine, if you are able to, to support them in such dark hour.
You can find a list of charities by following this link: List of Charities

06/09/2022 - Our new drop off location is now open and welcomes all! You can find address on our Contacts page and on Google Maps. We are also going back to our old rate of 50 pence a kilo and working again on Saturdays!

Cash 4 Clothes

Help People And The Environment And Save Money At The Same Time!

It is easier than easy...
     Just bag your items and give us a call!
     We will weigh the items and pay you by the weight and on the spot.
     We pay £5 per 10 kilos of textiles and £2 per 10 kilos of bric-a-brac.
Help Environment

Helping The Environment

Huge amounts of textiles and textile accessories end up in the landfill; some of them will take years to dissolve. We spend large sums of money on our waste management, but it is still not nearly enough. Care for your environment; stop throwing away and get money for it.

Help People

Helping People

By selling your clothes by weight, you enable us to sell them by weight as well to the third world countries, like Ukraine, Poland, and Lithuania, so people in those countries with small income could buy them later at an affordable prices and still wear them happily.

Help People

Saving Money

One ordinary black bin bag of textiles can weigh between 5 kilos and 12 kilos, which will give you between 2.5 and 6 pounds. In our experience, a family of three can bring several times a year roughly about 40–70 kilos of clothes. Surely, you will find where to spend that money for your family needs.

Cash 4 Clothes scheme is being governed by VIIARED LTD.

“We all have a choice to be self-centered, ignorant, or to try to make our world a better place to live for all of us; even if your input is small, every little bit counts! We chose to make our input as big as we can make it.”

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